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Business As Usual and Atlas World Times at the Boghossian Foundation, Belgium

DEMOTALK on BBC4 Edinburgh Extra with Kirsty Wark

Kirsty Wark reviews DEMOTALK and interviews us about the work on Edinburgh Extra, BB4

"Britain is turning a corner" George Osborne, 9th September, 2013, kennardphillipps,2013web

Press preview: Thursday 7 November 4:30 – 6:00 pm November
Private View: Thursday 7 November 6:30 – 9:00 pm November
Opening Times: Tues-Fri: 11am-7pm, Sat./Sunday 11am-5pm

8 – 30 November
The Bank,
Central House
59-63 Whitechapel High Street
E1 7PF

Geographies of War | Iraq Revisited – Exhibition UCL London 18th-26thMarch daily 11am-6pm


Geographies of War Iraq Revisited Catalogue


See Alan Ingram’s project blog here

Review by Liam Whitton on Trebuchet Magazine


Caught in the Crossfire exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum


Caught in the Crossfire, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum

Caught in the Crossfire, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum

Opening of Caught in the Crossfire, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum

Opening of Caught in the Crossfire, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum

All Photography by Kristian Buus

THE WALL Photographers Gallery London

OCCUPY EVERYTHING Exhibition 18 April – 26 May 2012, Hales Gallery, London

An exhibition of new work by kennardphillipps, free entry at Hales Gallery, Tea Building, beginning Bethnal Green Road, London. Private View wednesday 18th April 2012 6-9pm then wed-sat 11-6pm until 26th May 2012 – everyone welcome

IRAQ – HOW, WHERE, FOR WHOM? Exhibition 19 April – 6 June 2012, Mosaic Rooms, London

A collaborative exhibition by Iraqi artist Hanaa’ Malallah and kennardphillipps

Private View Thursday 19th April 2012, 6-8pm  everyone welcome

The Mosaic Rooms  226 Cromwell Road  London  SW5 OSW

Exhibition open 11-6pm tues-sat until 8th June 2012


see a concise selection of works from kennardphillipps archive of work on the invasion and occupation of Iraq including new, unseen work


The work of Hanaa’ Malallah and kennardphillipp share a mutual skepticism of claims that the invasion/occupation of Iraq has brought freedom and a better future to its people. kennardphillipps’ work uses up-to-date archives of press photography and digital print technology. Malallah’s work takes its form from the materials she uses, creating tragic and beautiful forms by creasing, burning and folding.

Working together to create an exhibition of new works whilst responding to each other’s practises, the artists aim to create a powerful and unique conversation.

Considered one of the most original and expressive Iraqi artists of her generation, Hanaa’ Malallah has been working in London since 2007, when she was forced to flee Iraq. kennardphillipps is a collaborative, London-based collective of the two British artists Peter Kennard and Cat Phillips, which began in 2003 in response to the invasion of Iraq.

Watch a short video of one of Hanaa’s pieces Grave Beat here

A special programme of lectures and debates on the nature of democracy, WHAT PURPOSE FREE SPEECH WHEN NO ONE LISTENS, will accompany this exhibition, including talks by the three artists. More details coming soon!

LES FLEURS DU MAL – NEW ART FROM LONDON Exhibition 30/04 – 17/06 2012, GALERIA AWANGARDA, Wroclaw, Poland



photos: Kristian Buus

Fleurs du mal/The Flowers of Evil/

Charles Baudelaire’s classic collection of poems, Fleur du Mal, are widely regarded as master pieces of the genre.  Showcasing the thoughts of the isolated phantom who wonders the metropolitan landscape in search of some unobtainable respite to the conditions of modern life. This idea of the flâneurand the artist seeking salvation and beauty in an ever more morally corrupt world is central to the working methods and ideas of the group of artists in the exhibition. At once political and aesthetic, the works highlight a growing trend among artists working in the United Kingdom to mix historical reference points with an artistic practice that seamlessly merges with their everyday lives. The project will include photography, video, sculpture, installation and performance works, all of which represent the idea of the artist as a traveller though the urban landscape. The forms these territories take is however many fold, from the virtual spaces imaged by John Russell, to the political protests and conflicts captured in the photographs of Max Reeves or the Situationist drifts of Laura Oldfield Ford.  Kieron Livingstone and Ian Allison have produced a publication with satirises the British government’s austerity plans and has been re-printed in Polish especially for the exhibition. The People Speaks on- going project Talkaoke is platform for public debate that can take place anywhere in the city. It allows strangers who might normally never interact to have conversations and share ideas. By using unusual public distribution methods the publication also repurposes public space.  Emily McMehen’s travels take a more traditional form though her journey’s to Haiti which resulted in the film Lives of the Saints: Achante. Clunie Reid and Edwin Burdis both embrace a dark malaise that Baudelaire would have recognised well. For Reid this involves reworking images from the media to reveal new narratives dominated sleaze and the promise of desire. For Burdis, the world is seen as endless series of personal crisis which perhaps allude to some higher sense of spiritual disentrancement. Lastly kennardphillips and Francis Thorburn are both utopians at heart. Imaging a world free of injustice, but very much living in the world we have today. Through their work they set about out to confront these realities and change the future. In the end, what these entire artists share is not a geographic setting, but an attitude of defiance. They are the flowers breaking though the concrete.


Amnesty International: Made In Palestine