kennardphillipps - artists peter kennard and cat phillips

BAE SYSTEMS inkwork on plastic 500cm x 1000cm

STATE OF THE NATIONS commission Chapter Arts, Cardiff

In Humanity : London College of Communication

In Humanity on display at LCC during Very Now Art and Journalism Festival

In Humanity at London College of Communication for Very Now Art and Journalism Festival

SHOVE billboard intervention at Dismaland 2015

Economic Recovery?

Installed at Stills gallery, Edinburgh, 2015 for exhibition ‘Here Comes Everybody

Economic Recovery?, kennardphillipps,Uncertain States,2013Installed at John Cass school, Whitechapel, London, 2013


340cm x 570cm pigment ink and PVA on Financial Times newspaper with UV medium topcoat

Installed London College of Communication, Capital City, 2018

George Bush A Portrait 2007

George Bush A Portrait

300cm x 300cm

pigment ink on newspaper





Head of State 2007

280cm x 300cm pigment ink, on newspaper, on newsprint with UV gel medium topcoat


Exhibition view of “Age of Terror: Art Since 9/11”, running at IWM London from 25th October 2017 – 28th May 2018.
Gallery view with artworks by Ai Weiwei and kennardphillipps.

Embedded Art, Akademie Der Kunst, Berlin, Germany, 2009

_DSC4216Control Room 2 6m x 18m oil, acrylic, pigment ink, paper on billboard print

We were commissioned to make Control Room 2 for Embedded Art , a group exhibition dealing with issues of surveillance. We got the background image of a control room printed as three 6 metre by 6 metre street posters on blue back billboard paper.

Pasting them butted up together, directly onto the untreated concrete wall we then collaged about 100 images onto the base paper and scraped into the images using industrial grinders, tearing at the paper and adding oil and acrylic paint. Trying to encapsulate the separate works in the show which dealt with surveillance from the domestic to the military, our work uses images of police action (mainly in Germany where it was made for) to the Allied occupation of Iraq . We show images of state torture adjacent to surveillance photos of western streets. Looking at the work, the audience is watching the watched looking back at them, while all the while being filmed and  projected in another part of the exhibition.

The work was destroyed by the Akademie at the end of the show in March 2009.

we had to paste up a base layer of random billboard sheets, donated by a mate, Fibs helped us - thanks Fibs!

we had to paste up a base layer of random billboard sheets before pasting up the real base image, donated by a mate, Fibs helped us – thanks Fibs!

relief when we finished pasting up the base image

relief when we finished pasting up the base image



the public could view the work from above..............

the public could view the work from above…………..


photos by Kristian Buus

Soldier #I 2006


270cm x 700cm Pigment ink, charcoal, acrylic and paper on newspaper

Installed Caught in the Crossfire exhibition Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry, 2013