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Untitled (Iraq 2005)

22. UntitledIraq2005,kennardphillipps,pigment print,2005

Who’s Paying For This?

Gleneagles 2005


Happy Christmas From Palestine

Happy Christmas From Palestine,kennardphillipps,2007

Photo Op


Know Your Enemy


Time Difference

23. Time difference,KennardPhillipps, pigment print 2005

The Mall

19. The Mall, kennardphillipps, pigment print 2005

Peace On Earth Banned By Orange

as reported by the Guardian Wednesday December 24 2003

as reported by the Guardian Wednesday December 24 2003

18. Peace On Earth projection banned by Orange, kennardphillipps,2003

Peace On Earth was commissioned by Damon Albarn for Brighten Up London, organised by Bob Geldof. Images symbolising peace and justice were to be projected at night on public buildings in central London during Christmas 2003. Peace On Earth was to be projected on Trinity House by the river. At the last moment Orange, the sponsors of the project banned the image saying it might offend young children and grandmothers. In it's place an image of Nigella Lawson's mince pies was projected.